We miss her

She was a part of our family. Her beauty, grace and eloquence are missed. We do not know whether she was taken from us, or not. Our family is reduced by this tragedy, yet we go on. On this Easter week, I think of all our lost ones. May they be at peace, so we can be at peace. Our earth is riddled with humanity, yet I am always fearing the possibility of violence among our people. If guns were out of the equation, then I would feel more at ease. Happy Easter!


Leaving messages with the investigator

Wondering if the investigators are listening at all. Rossana is still missing, and I am a little impatient for some closure of some sort. I called NOrth Carolina, and her case to see what is happening with her investigation.


Personal Justice

Heard about a new show. Dad is now semi-retired. Miss you sis! Be well.


we still miss you

Where are you, dear sister? We miss you, call home. Same number....3053868555!


She's still missing!

It's almost Christmas again, two years since my sister "went" missing. New information may implicate new suspect(s), but I will not elaborate for fear of setting someone running away or doing something drastic. I always thought of crimes as not ever happenening to me or my family, but I was wrong. We miss you, Rossana.
I have a baby son that would like to meet his aunt. P.S. I am graduating from F.I.U. with my Master's Degree.